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We now have every known therapy at our finger tips, taking out the guesswork!

   What are the Eductor, SCIO and the new QUEX S and    QUEX ED Devices?

THE QUEX ED is the developed  EDUCTOR in today's world.                              QUEX ED has the Latest Biofeedback Technological Advances. Including a range of innovative  accessories that will radically impact your Biofeedback sessions!

THE QUEX S is the developed next generation SCIO System.                                       Also a technologically advanced model that can be personalized with a range of software modules to create a system that meets your specific needs!

                 They have Specific QUEX ACCESSORIES, that have DOUBLE the               conductivity, TRIPLE the user friendliness!

      The Eductor and the SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation) are universal electrophysiological biofeedback systems. Biofeedback is described as “measuring a physiological response and feeding it back.”

The Eductor and the SCIO coordinates a complex electro-modal, biofeedback program with computer software in order to gather Bioenergetic information of a client's subconscious. 

The information is gathered from the body through electrodes in head and limb straps. The Eductor and the SCIO measures evoked potential reactions of the client to applied stimulation's. Within approximately five minutes, the Eductor and the SCIO  Biofeedback System can detect and record information about the individuals stress reactions.

The information is then tabulated and listed in order of the highest reaction by the Eductor and the SCIO

 This can then be read on the computer screen. A picture of the client's general status is indicated. The information can be further analysed in the course of a stress management session. 


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Every therapy at your fingertips.

The Complete Package
All you need to get up and running with your new Device.
Prof. William C Nelson
talks about a new area of energetic medicine
The International Academy for Quantum Training offers: The IAQT Training Manual, Anatomy, Pathology , Physiology, plus QUEX ED, QUEX S, Eductor and SCIO Training. Certification can include ITEC, IAQT, and IMUNE.

The Consultation.
What to expect at a Quantum Device Consultation.


 Quantum Sciowellness Health Screening Technology

Quantum Scio Wellness Ltd offers Sciowellness Health Screening Technology with Biofeedback Health Screening.
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 Quantum Sciowellness Health Screening Technology